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October 20th 2016

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Rapidoo is the winner of the Startup Farm´s 17th Demo Day held at Futurecom 2016!


Rapidoo is the winner of the Startup Farm´s 17th Demo Day held at Futurecom 2016!

Rapidoo is the winner of Startup Farm´s 17th Demo Day, where the startups that participated at the Acceleration Program presented their projects to investors and large corporate executives. GoEpik was second place and Mokation as well as LegalBot were third.

The entrepreneurs now will continue the program: they will be accompanied for two years with the purpose of capturing investments and evolving metrics.

About Startup Session @Futurecom


Startup Session is an exclusive Startup Farm's session, held in partnership with Futurecom, of a strategic and social nature, aiming to encourage technological entrepreneurship and promote Brazilian startups.

During the four days of the event, the startups selected have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Wall, an exhibition within Futurecom where entrepreneurs have a space to promote and promote their projects to a select audience in the technology sector.

On the last day of the Congress, the selected Startups will pitch for investors, exhibitors and visitors. This session is open to all participants of the Event.

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Develop a new non-intrusive format for online video ads. Unlike the banners on the videos, the ads enter in the context of the video, so that they are as real as if they were there at the time of recording.


Reduces maintenance, setup and machine unavailability. With state-of-the-art technology and augmented reality, visually guide operators to leverage expertise and standardize process execution.


It democratizes access to regulatory intelligence for the financial industry, with the use of machine learning algorithms in managing the flow of regulations. It solves the control of regulatory risk with practicality, selectivity and productivity.


Intelligent music platform that influences consumer behavior in retail. Creates musical identity for merchants through custom playlists that dynamically adapt, allowing end users to order the music they want to listen to and participate in campaigns.


It anticipates the Tax Notes issued by its customers, paying cash what was forward sale transactions. Create a 100% self-service and online user experience, which offers credit to the small and micro-entrepreneur quickly, transparently and with no headache.


An innovative solution for Fraud Prevention. An intelligent fraud score authenticates face-to-face and virtual financial transactions. Greater accuracy, shorter response time and better cost-effectiveness.


Winner of the Startup Session in 2015, it uses artificial intelligence to increase the productivity of support operations with financial administrative focus in large enterprises


Participant of 2015 Demo Day, it reduces call center costs for telecommunications companies. Through an integrated app, it proposes self-service for solving technical problems.

Watch the 17º Demo Day at Futurecom

About @Startup Farm

It is the largest and most experienced accelerator in Latin America. It brings together over 230 startups in its portfolio, with an aggregate value of over R $ 3.3 billion. Among the cases generated in the program are EasyTaxi, WorldPackers, Social Miner, Nexer, NetShow.me, UpPoints, InfoPrice, Beauty Date, and many others.

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Ahead is the new acceleration program from Startup Farm. A new format that, as its name says, will put you and your company at the forefront.


The Farm will select up to 15 startups from any industry. The team's capacity of execution, the degree of innovation of the project and the impact that the startup can bring to the market that it proposes to act will be evaluated.

Among the benefits of the program are access to a strategic network of mentors and investors, such as Visa and Baptista Luz Advogados, and more than $ 700,000 in platform and service partner credits such as IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft BizSpark and SendGrid.

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