IT for Business

Enterprises & Government

In 2016 Futurecom innovated and created the content environment called "TI PARA EMPRESAS".


This auditorium had lectures dedicated exclusively to the IT community and the business areas that use Information Technology

Very relevant topics for professionals were addressed:

IT education and certifications
Cloud Adoption
Data architecture
Data center
And a relaxed Design Thinking session.

Target Audience

Topics of interest present at Futurecom not for corporate telecom, what we call here “Enterprise and Government”;

Target audience for "TI PARA EMPRESAS":

IT Teams;
Teams who are responsible for telecom networks;
CFO and finance teams;
Shadow IT: business, marketing, operations and HR, which use technology in conjunction with the CIO or even alone, such as the use of cloud solutions, big data, mobility and connectivity for the teams.

In the event, we usually have the participation of representatives of these companies,

Network Infraestructure Accessories
Accessories Wireless
Antennas Air Towers Masts
Fixed Phones
Mobile Phones
Cables and Fibers
Unified Communications
Critical Communications
Computer Equipment
Measurement and Test Equipment
Network Equipment
Mapping Surveying
Modems Routers Switches
Local Network
Servers and Storage
Smart Phonecard
Digital TV
International Congress with more than 300 speakers and panelists, discussing the most relevant sector issues, beyond the view of experts and visionaries on Business and the Future of Technology;
Exhibition with more than 22,000sqm and 250 exhibitors.

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